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Reimagined Laundry Room & Pantry


Colorado Springs, Colorado




Libbie Holmes


Family Home

It’s particularly easy for small spaces to become dysfunctional over time – especially when you’d like them to serve multiple purposes in your daily life.

My clients for this project came to me with an outdated, builder-grade laundry room and pantry space that wasn’t meeting their needs. From small, unusable counter space on the sink side, to poorly designed cabinetry above the washer/dryer, the current design didn’t provide any functionality to make their lives easier – quite the opposite, in fact!

We began this redesign with custom extra-deep dolomite countertops over the washer/dryer to create a huge folding space that would also prevent clothes from falling in between the machines.

Now they also have plenty of space to stow away their detergent, fabric softener, and extra hangers, along with an anchor for the dowel rod spanning between them to dry delicate clothes.

On the pantry side, we first removed a wing wall and extended the counters wall-to-wall, which added nearly 5’ of counter space. From there we repurposed the custom upper cabinets to create closed storage space for small appliances, a spice rack, and more.

To invite more usage of the space and improve productivity, we installed a second dishwasher, a steam oven, and a garbage disposal. We also chose to style the open shelves with fresh greenery, gardening tools, and glass jars to set the mood for a light, airy workspace.

A final touch was to install a new backsplash and light fixtures to infuse the space with functional beauty and move it away from its previous utilitarian feel.

Now their laundry and pantry space is exceptionally functional, bright, and beautiful! They have tons of accessible storage to stay organized and productive, even though it’s a small space.

Is there a smaller space in your home that doesn’t feel functional and supportive for your everyday life? Book a Design Discovery Meeting today to begin reimagining your space and infuse your home with functional style.

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