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Taking a Great Room from Rustic to Transitional


Colorado Springs, Colorado




Libbie Holmes


Family Home

Rustic designs can be cozy and welcoming. But if they’re outdated and disrupting the flow of your family, it can feel like they’re just making life more difficult.

For this project, my clients had a large, open great room in the center of their home. However, they weren’t able to fully enjoy it for a few reasons: the fireplace jutted out 4’ into the room and interrupted furniture placement, old design elements like the ceiling fan and barn door killed the ambiance, and the sun glared into the room in the late afternoon, making lounging unenjoyable. We immediately got to work!

Now, their previously awkward great room now feels more open, bright, and inviting for the whole family.

Everyday flow is also much improved and the result is a stylish, welcoming, and cozy space fitted with durable fabrics and an inviting color palette. Plus, the custom curtains make afternoons an enjoyable experience together.

If you need help redesigning an outdated space in your home, we’d love to help you make it happen. Book a Design Discovery Meeting today to explore the possibilities and begin to make your space more inviting and functional for your family!

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