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The Key to Spending More Time Together

It’s after dinner on a Thursday night and the house is quiet. Dad is watching tv by himself in his bedroom because the couch in the living room isn’t very comfortable. Mom is on her laptop at the kitchen table because she doesn’t have a space to call her own. And all the kids are off hiding in their rooms spending too much time on screens. Does this sound familiar?

Let’s rewrite this story if the setting were a little different…

A family room your family actually spends time in

It’s after dinner on a typical Thursday night and the house is full of laughter and camaraderie. Everyone in the family has gathered in the living room. The game is playing softly on the tv, and every once in a while you can catch dad reading the score but he’s much more interested in cheering on the kids who are wrapping up a competitive game of foosball, no surprise the girls are winning. Mom just dealt the cards for a lively game of Spoons and is refreshing her wine glass at the bar without missing a moment of the fun.

Doesn’t that sound better? But what changed how this family interacts together?

An environment where families thrive

Creating an environment where families thrive has a few key ingredients. We need comfort, comfy sofas, cushy chairs, plenty of seating and space to sprawl out. Then we need entertainment, a card table, board game storage, a tv, a game table like a pinball machine or air hockey. Last but not least, we need amenities like a place for snacks, a bar for drinks, and a nearby bathroom.

When you consider all these ingredients, you can draw everyone in the house together because they want to be where the action is. Dad is comfortable on the deep sectional. Mom isn’t worried about spilling or food because the entire room is designed with kids in mind. And the kids have so many choices of fun things to do they’ve completely forgotten about screens. Now we’ve set the stage for quality family time by creating a space that meets everyone's needs - it’s durable, it’s cozy, and it’s functional. And to top it all off, when the party’s over, toss the pillows back on the couch and it will look effortlessly stylish in that cool, didn’t try too hard, kinda way.

If this sounds exciting and you want your Thursdays to be like this, let’s talk! You’ve got questions and I’ve got creative solutions. Let’s do this!



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