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The Keys to an Effortlessly Beautiful & Functional Family Home

When you walk in the door, do you trip over shoes, backpacks, and ski poles? Maybe you don’t want to have friends over because you can’t get the purple marker off the walls in the living room, bathroom, and bedroom because that’s how long it was before you caught your preschooler with it? It’s okay. We’ve been there. So we’re here to help!

There’s a number of things your house needs and doesn’t need in order to be highly functional for a family. Let’s start with things to avoid. You don’t need fussy, formal, or fragile. Breakable sentimental items can be displayed behind the safety of glass doors. Any decor requiring constant supervision is out, and you certainly don’t have time for a delicate hand-me-down sofa that leaves a mark just by breathing in the same room.

Essential elements of functional family space

Instead, you need an organization system - one that is easy for kids to follow and keep up. You need durable materials like scrubbable paint, washable rugs, and performance upholstery that look awesome and can take a beating. You need thoughtful details like a stylish tray you can set out for guests and instantly pick up when the toddler waddles in. How about gorgeous flooring that doesn’t dent and Siri to fold your laundry - wait a minute - that last one still needs a magic wand.

Creating your ideal home that’s beautiful and functional is challenging, especially on your own or in your spare time (as if that exists in your normal, day-to-day life).

With good design, we can reduce your stress because your home will work for you. It won’t create more problems; it will eliminate them, resulting in more time to spend creating lasting memories, not keeping up the house. We’re here to help you get this done for your family’s sake. Our goal is to see your family thriving in an environment that is enriching, personalized, and low maintenance.

If you’re ready to make this your reality, we’d love to work with you to help you create a home that defines functional beauty. Book a design discovery session to get started!



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